The Fallen Prince

The first Death Knight


This is the former Crown Prince of the mythical First Kingdom of Men, founded before the War of the Fall and the conquering of Abrine. Although honorable, he was also proud and cruel and his father was forced to exile him to prevent him from destroying the city. During this exile he plundered the graves of his ancestors, reclaiming the magical sword they had used in the founding of the kingdom. In the wilderness, he heard the voices of the forgotten enemies of the Gods, strong enough to reach him in this godless place, and pledged himself body and soul to the Primordial forces of Cold, Darkness and Undeath in return for the power to reclaim his throne.

These forces imbued his blade with a strange, dark life of its own, forging a weapon of boundless destruction that he could use to reclaim his city, and transforming him in to a warrior powerful enough to control it. However during this transformation he briefly saw in to the maddened minds of his benefactors and knew that this was nothing more than a passing amusement for them, bound forever away from the world. In exchange for this power they would one day claim his soul and while away eternity with him as their plaything. In fear, he bargained with these forces once more to grant him immortality in return for the destruction of the kingdom he had once desired and the death of siblings he had once loved. The forces eagerly agreed, knowing that every atrocity committed with the blade would strengthen them in their eternal prison and allow them greater access to the world.

Unfortunately, the Fallen Prince (as he styles himself) has been bound for many years. Following his corruption and the destruction of his kingdom the Gods themselves cursed him as a Kinslayer and a servant of their enemies and drove him to a deep sleep in the ruins of the First City. During the War of the Fall the Hex Blight known as the Frozen Wastes cut the First Kingdom off from the power of the Gods and the Fallen Prince awoke. Since then he has gathered others for whom vengeance and power are worth the ultimate price and has knighted them with the Nameless Blade, creating fellow Death Knights. These warriors, known as the Onyx Circle are his greatest champions, and together they have ridden out and turned whole cities to his cause, slaughtering the people and raising them as undead.

The Fallen Prince longs for conquest, but the Primordial nature of his blade prevented him from passing in to southern Abrine where the Avatars of the Gods are much more powerful and would surely sense his presence. Recently, he had finally come up with a plan to hide himself from the servants of the Gods until such a time as he could destroy them. In preparation for his descent in to southern Abrine he has conquered and turned most of the people of Abbadon, and was marshaling his forces along the borders of the Frozen Wastes. However now the nameless blade has been stolen, and without the Blade he lacks even the strength to leave the First Kingdom and is forced to act through the other Death Knights he has corrupted and his undead servitors. He is obsessed with reclaiming his weapon, and it is likely that his vengeance will be swift and cruel when his agents find the ones who have stolen it.

The Fallen Prince

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