Pantene's Diary Part 3

17 Oggam

Dear Diary,

Wow, my life is getting so exciting lately!
Ayleron was back with us for breakfast, and saying that the road is all clear. I don’t know how he missed the big storm and wasted fields when he went through Derrine, but it doesn’t bother me very much.

We got to High Keep pretty quickly. It’s so strange, it’s a town build in the cup of a big, dead volcano. Why are guards always so suspicious of us? Ayleron got this hat from a vendor, it actually suits him. I’m hoping people will stop hiding their children from him in the streets. It’s getting embarrassing.

Anyway, the guards finally allowed us the great honor of getting inside the Keep, and the secretary was very helpful in getting us an audience. When the High Keeper, Viros, came out, a very skinny old man was also with him, apparently he is the High Magus of the keep, called Veheen.

We delivered Daylinn’s message, exactly as he told it to us:

“There were- Well, the Zombies! And, and, it was snowing and the cows were dead and I love cows, but they, the people, I mean, they didn’t want us to come in, but we DID, and they they liked us after. We broke the window of the temple to get in and it wasn’t hard at all, we just climbed through the hole we made. Then there was a sword and it LOOKED AT ME! Then we killed bad men. It was dark, but it got light again and everyone said ‘Yay for Pantene!’
We HELPed them, just like we can help YOU!”

Viros was very disturbed by this news, and assured us he would send assistance at once. In turn, he had a message for us to deliver to the Guild Master. This one was written down in an envelope, so it must have been even more important than Daylinn’s message.

We bought a membership to the Guild of Heroes! Except it’s really the Guild of Ruin Divers, we’re not heroes yet, I guess. The guild master took the High Keeper’s letter and we got another job! Mucking out Kobolds isn’t princess work, but it’s good money! And we’re protecting the townspeople from kobold-fever and theft!

We only killed a couple dozen of them before nightfall, because we had to kill a jelly too. I said “You’re toast, Jelly!” but no one laughed. I know you thought it was funny, though, diary. Thank you for laughing.



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