Pantene's Diary Part 2

16 Oggam

Aikeen sent Ayleron up to High Keep to scope out the road and everything up ahead.

Aikeen has this friend Roland hanging around now too. He looks like a pretty powerful mage. I don’t know why he can’t do some fighting too… Oh well, we’ll work for our pay I spose.

Wouldn’t you know some Derrine guards (that’s the town before High Keep- where we’re going!) ambushed us in the wee morning, yelling about magic and and saying nasty things to the little demon-girl. We killed two of them, and the others got so scared they ran away.

We went up to Derrine to check it out, and they were having a witch burning or something. But instead of witches, they just had a normal mage. I mean, they’re different, right? Witches have the hats and everything. Dresses. Brooms. ANYWAY.
The townspeople didn’t like us very much, but we said we could help them, so they took us to their leader, Lord Daylinn.

Daylinn didn’t like us either, but he wanted us to go look at the temple. Well, the doors were shut with magic, so we had to go through a bricked window. All the clerics were zombies! Zombies! Let me repeat this for emphasis. Zombified Zombie Priest Guys!

Well, we had to put them out of there their misery, so we did. Zombies aren’t that hard to smite, they’re pretty much asking to be smote.

Gelrin was like chilling out, looking down the hall, so I looked too. It was totally black! We went down anyway, and in the main chamber of the temple there were some pretty creepy looking dudes, chanting and whatever. We pretty much smited them too.

When the last bad dude bit it, the doors opened and the town guys were sort of cheering in a sad way. Lord Daylinn asked us to deliver a message to the High Keeper–

“Ill-boding magicians stole into our Holy temple, and killed our men of cloth, only to reanimate them as mindless servants. The temple was bound, and used to create a storm of ice above our town. Our crops and livestock are destroyed, our stores of food are corrupted and rotten, many of my people have fallen ill. These brave adventurers have thwarted the men who caused the storm, and cleansed the temple of the pall of undeath, but we are still in a desperate need for food and clean, uncorrupted water.”

Of course, we said we would do it for him. It’s super convenient. We’re already going there anyway! Actually, a lot of things lately have seemed … coincidental. Almost like there is some greater plan for us, that has yet to be revealed. Hmmmmmmmmmm….
I’m probably just getting silly again. Anyway, Aikeen showed up in the just in the nick of time for the town to be totally quiet and safe again, and we camped a little further up the road.



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