Pantene's Diary Part 1

15 Oggam

Dear Diary

In the morning we walked through the marketplace to look for work. The mage we met on the road took a bit of a bossy attitude, offering us up to the mercenary organizer. I would have liked to survey the area for something perhaps more meaningful than guarding a smuggler, but once we had engaged him, I felt it my duty to try to keep them from being swindled.

Well, eventually, he gave us a lower price.

Anyway, we secured the job with the smuggler, Aikeen, for the price of three pearls. We headed out on the trail to the Duchy of …, but after a while our esteemed employer seemed to suggest that a tunnel route would be better than trying to scale the pass with the wagon. It seems that there are also some rather more savory characters in the pass working for the Duke, and that their “tax” is normally higher than Aikeen likes to pay. At least a dungeon will get me out of the blazing sun.

Well sure, the dungeon looked safe at first. Once we left the entrance, though, it opened up into a large den. I should have known it would be goblins, but we all got distracted by a motion detector poised to drop boulders on the wagon as well passed over.

So we should have known better, but the goblins got into the back of the cart and took some valuable crates. To avoid death by condescension we left to track down the goblins. After first killing a huge fire beetle, we found them, and the stuff, and lugged it back down from the rocky crags. Aikeen seemed okay with this.

14 Oggam

Dear Diary,

Midmorning, we we noticed a few haggard looking characters wrestling with a very animated sack of some kind. As we got closer, it became clear that they had smuggled something very much alive from the back of a wagon disappearing into the distance. The alive thing turned out to be a tiefling girl (Mica), apparently she was into the kinky stuff with her former employer. The wranglers introduced themselves as Gelrin, a mage and Eye-lair-on, one of those elf trackers. A little more fire power never hurt a group, and I guess a tracker might be of some use in the future.

We agreed to watch each others’ backs, since we were only a few hours’ journey from the Fort. After a few miles we faced a small group of drakes, which we dispatched with some aggravation.

When we finally reached town, it was after dark. I took the opportunity to eat a fair meal, wash up and sleep in something resembling a bed.

13 Oggam

Not much to write, the trail is still hilly. I wish I’d thought to bring a little more cheese, I’m down to bread and water. But that’s what’s left and that’s what I’ll eat until I get to civilization. I found an unattended nest of eggs, so I made a little flaedlesuppe with the dried broth Maren gave me before I left.

13 Oggam again

Sorry to bother you, diary, but something else happened today.
I caught up with the guy on the road ter today, too, as we approached the gates of Marklin. Imagine my shock to find that my travel weary eyes were not exaggerating his height! He must be 7 feet tall. Fine for me of course, maybe people will call him to reach the high shelf instead of me…Turns out this fellow is a student of the art of battle, and a fellow devotee of Pelor. He seems to be a decent person… dragon… whatever…He calls himself Korgrin.

12 Oggam

Dear Diary,

La la la, nothing happened today. Walking sure is boring.

11 Oggam

Dear Diary,

I’ve been walking toward Marklin for a few days now. The trails are good here. I’m keeping an eye out for places I can tidy up and make things a little nicer for the next traveler.

I can see that there’s someone in front of me on the trail, I can make out a figure when it crests the hills up ahead. Either he’s huge, or my depth perception isn’t what it should be. I think I may be gaining on him a bit, but I’ll keep my distance for now.



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